Revival of MeeGo

Before Stephen Elop took over Nokia had announced a partnership with Intel to develop MeeGo, a new OS.

MeeGo was a marriage between Moblin of Intel and Maemo of Nokia. MeeGo was supposed to work across devices and succeed Symbian.

But years went in its development and it was canned when Nokia partnered with Microsoft. Nokia N9 was the only MeeGo powered phone and it also phased out gradually. But it was well received by the press, contrary to expectations.

This is possibly why a group of ex-Nokia employees have formed Jolla, a startup to create devices that will use MeeGo. Their statement to Reuters mentioned that Jolla is a team of core professionals from Nokia’s MeeGo N9 team and the best professionals working for MeeGo.

Jolla will more look to stimulate ecosystems around good smartphones. They may have to compete with the Tizen platform that has been created by the Linux Foundation.

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