Revenue from mobile content to hit $65 billion by 2016

In 2013 the revenues from mobile content will cross $40 billion and by 2016 this figure will touch $65 billion.

This is as per new data published by Juniper Research.

As per Juniper Research the increased revenues will be fueled by more tablet owners purchasing more and more videos, games and e-books. A rising demand for operator billing on smartphones will also fuel the revenues.

For tablets the largest share of the revenue is generated by e-books. Standalone e-book readers are doing exceedingly well but so are bookstore apps available from providers like Amazon, Kobo and Nook.

However, free and paid video apps are also rising in demand and videos and music now contribute to almost 50% of all revenues. Consoles are also set to give way to games on tablets.

Direct operator billing is like the credit card service. Even when people know that they cannot afford something now they go for the purchase.

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