Return of Rob Glaser with Sidecar

Sidecar has launched for iOS and Android and is offering an increasing number of VoIP apps.

But their differentiator would be the ability to combine speaking with other features.

The new app allows people to share live ‘See What I See’ photos, video, location and contact information while they are talking.

UK users can call the US or Canada for free over Wi-Fi even if the recipient doesn’t use Sidecar. A text invitation to join Sidecar will be sent to them at the end of the call.

Glaser aroused a lot of controversy as head of music giant RealNetworks. He was furiously calling for DRM removal while all the other music labels were so much for it. Now as chairman of Sidecar he wants the company to explore the huge 800 million smartphone market in the world.

Sidecar is backed by Rob Glaser, Ignition Ventures and The Webb Investment Network among others.

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