Report says Europe prefers Android to iOS

Only 23% of Europeans prefer an iPhone over an Android phone.

The data was generated by Adobe.

Results were gathered from 3,000 people at the 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey and they showed that 80% of tablet use is at home. This is perhaps the main reason for more mobile spending on tablets than on smartphones.

The report reveals that users spend a longer time on their tablet in one sitting, 26% use the device between an hour and four hours a day and 7% use it for five or more hours.

The primary device for 77% people who own both smartphone and tablet use their smartphone as their primary device. However tablets are up from 12% last year to 23% this year in terms of being the primary device.

60% said their mobile experience is average and 40% were neutral or not happy – more room for developers and apps to improve it seems.

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