Real Monopoly in Israel

If you are fond of Monopoly then you need to check out Metropolin, a game created for Cellcom by Logia, a content specialist company in the Middle East.

This mobile street game allows users to check into actual locations like they do on the Monopoly board. So, a gamer identifies and registers a location and becomes the owner of that location.

Owners of locations are allowed to charge rent from other people but they also need to spend money on the maintenance of their property. Since the game was launched about three months ago the number of active users has gone above 50,000 and more than 200,000 locations have already been registered.

The most popular owned locations are the bars and the coffee shops. Among other popular locations are surgery clinics and hospitals.

Efi Ben Moshe, VP Product Logia was the person who gave the information about the game and how it has already become a rage in Israel. gives you the best mobile bingo reviews – our current favourite is mmmBingo.

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