Rank Group brings Champagne & waiter service to Bingo clubs

Rank Group is taking Bingo upmarket with the introduction of waiters serving food, drink… and champagne.

The new strategy is part of a push to broaden the appeal of Bingo clubs to a younger audience.

The first Club to witness the waiter service is Beeston’s Mecca Bingo Club. The second largest Bingo chain in Britain, Mecca, divulged plans of converting the Birmingham and Aberdeen hall. The bosses at Rank Group believe that this £3 billion makeover can alter the current situation of the industry, which is affected by increasing taxes, a ban on smoking and the rapid popularity of online bingo & mobile bingo.

2008 had witnessed the closure of as many as twenty seven bingo halls across the UK. This year, the number has increased by two. To prevent future shut downs and to retain the interest of existing members, the waiter service is being introduced. The Bingo Association has also been quoted as saying that it is one of their strategies to attract new members.

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