Qualcomm wins big on CDMA chipsets

Qualcomm has increased its revenue on smartphone chips year on year and has now hit $3.88 billion.

Qualcomm is a company that operates in many spheres including health, mobile TV, media and personalization. But its main product is chipsets that it produces for mobile phones that use CDMA technology. The company owns a list of lucrative patents in this product.

The last quarter saw Qualcomm ship 118 million Mobile Station modems, up 27% from last year. Mobile Station modems are used inside smartphones. The company estimates that the quarter figures for shipment of CDMA-based smartphones were about 195 to 200 million units at an average selling price of $200 to $206 per unit. These include iPhones, the shipment of which was boosted by the new deal with Verizon.

Qualcomm also added that there has been a strong upgrade for smartphones by smaller operators like MetroPCS and Leap Wireless and others.

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