Qualcomm planning future of FLO TV

Qualcomm CEO Mr. Paul Jacobs let in some vital information during a Silicon Valley Q&A session that was hosted by the Churchill Club.

He said Qualcomm is inspired by the success of its mobile TV broadcast services in Korea and is thinking of launching FLO.

FLO now six years old and was first launched for special AT&T and Verizon handsets and dedicated FLOTV devices. Paul Jacobs revealed that about a million sign ups were recorded although this number is far less than what was expected. As per Mr. Jacobs, Sports and live events had a good performance but the scheduled programming of TV shows did not just get a start.

The plan for Qualcomm is to sell FLO TV or break it up into radio spectrum and sell it. Mr. Jacobs expressed his confidence that the transaction could well be completed in about a quarter of a year or so.

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