Promoted updates rolled out by Foursquare

Foursquare has finally arrived at a stage in its life where it cannot further delay the question, “how to make money?”

Foursquare has in excess of 20 million users that are wandering into different locations, checking in online with the aim of becoming mayors and occupying other dignitary posts for these locations.

Foursquare has, so far, shunned advertisements and played around with branded promos without any significant monetary success. So, a lot of hopes depend on its new idea that was touted in May. It comes immediately after the launch of their free local updates.

The promoted updates will work when users go to the “Explore” tab on their mobile app and reveal promoted updates from local businesses. These act as alerts for friends who have visited similar businesses. Merchants will pay when users act on offers.

20 businesses including Best Buy, GAP, Hertz, Hilton, Old Navy and Walgreens will be used for the first testing phase.

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