PapayaMobile now available to 450 million Chinese smartphone owners

PapayaMobile’s Gateway to China program is on an expansion.

It offers app and game developers, advertisers and brands access to the Chinese smartphone market that is 450 million strong.

AppFlood, the global mobile ad network of PapayaMobile, is bridging the gap between the developers, advertisers, and brands and the Chinese smartphone market.

There was a previous report that stated that 20% of the global smartphone shipments went to Chinese vendors in Q2 of 2013 and that China will be one of the smartphone market leaders by 2018.

PapayaMobile has revealed that 37% of the 290 million ads served through the AppFlood platform came from China-based partners. China is a busy market and as per PapayaMobile 900,000 new daily users can be expected by its members.

The Chinese smartphone market is different where Android dominates but almost none of the handsets have Google Play. This means there are no traditional mobile ad networks. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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