PapayaMobile’s foray into China looks bright

PapayaMobile’s Gateway to China project aims at targeting more than 800 million subscribers in the country and reaching the figure of $4 billion in the virtual goods market in 2011.

PapayaMobile has more than 19 million users of its social gaming platform and through this venture into China it will allow its western Android developers to tap into the huge market in the country.

The services on offer through this service are free localization services, access to marketing channels and game reviews, distribution and management of games in Chinese app stores, intros to Chinese OEMs for pre installs and introduction of Papaya Social SDK for easy access to billing solutions.

Despite the fact that China is a tough market to enter due to its economic regulations and culture, PapayaMobile already has a very good stance given the fact that the Android space in China is still held back due to lack of Android marketplace for legally sold Android based phones.

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