Only a quarter of UK residents send Xmas texts

Christmas is a time for family and friends.

But a recent survey shows that only 25% of UK residents send texts to their loved ones during Christmas and worse still, only 1 in 5 remember to make the Christmas call to their parents.

OnePoll conducted the survey for Lebara Mobile and 2,000 people were part of this survey. The survey showed that 30% women would remember to call their folks and wish them Merry Christmas compared to 20% men. The same survey also revealed that one man in two women would remember to call or text their siblings on Christmas.

The West Midlands emerged as the most loving region in the country and had the highest number of people calling their parents. Londoners send more text messages than people from other parts of the country and make their calls right on Christmas Day. Most people talk about food followed by family and presents.

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