Online travel giants now in mobile space

Expedia, the giants in the domain of online travel booking, have made their entry in the mobile market and not too many have been let known of the developments.

Expedia has now acquired Mobiata, a company that is into the development of mobile apps. One of the notable apps from Mobiata includes FlightTrack. Mobiata also develops apps across multiple platforms – iOS, BlackBerry, Palm and Android.

This new deal will certainly aid Expedia to expand its mobile user base that is still a relatively small number. As per reports, the mobile user base only constitutes about four percent of the total traffic that Expedia generates.

As of now, the terms of the deal finalizing the acquisition are yet to be known. Expedia did not disclose any terms of the deal. Stay tuned for further updates from us. We will inform you further the moment we come to know of something new.

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