Ongoing battle with Samsung has weakened Apple

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung is not ending and this appears to be weakening Apple, reports Reuters.

An executive from Apple testified last Friday that the company’s reputation has been damaged by the Korean tech giant. More people are now questioning the design and innovation skills being applied at Cupertino.

Apple previously accused Samsung of copying some iPhone features like the flat black glass screen and pinch and zoom and it also managed to win $1 billion from a lawsuit.

Samsung has come back at Apple and tried the company to concede that the iPad Mini was launched due to the smaller tablets that Samsung launched globally. Apple, however, said that competition had nothing to do with the product; they simply wanted to come up with something better.

The ongoing legal battle has continued to hit headlines and the closing arguments are scheduled for next Tuesday in US District Judge Lucy Koh’s court. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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