OMAP-based HDTV streaming unveiled by MobiTV

MobiTV has optimized the technology on Texas Instruments’ OMAP platform to develop an experience in mosaic viewing in a single playback screen of up to six live feeds.

This is made possible by integrating MobiTV’s Media Playback technology and DRM solution with the M-Shield security system of Texas Instruments.

The OMAP 5 OS from Texas Instruments is a platform and processor that can be used in smart home products to automotive products. It is expected that the new platform will be marketed sometime this year.

MobiTV VP of Technology, Cedric Fernandes has said that the collaboration with Texas Instruments and their OMAP4460 processor is the first step for the company to provide a wider delivery spread of HD content on multiple IP-connected devices like set-top boxes, phones and tablets.

The expertise around the secure middleware component developed for Texas Instruments’ M-Shield enables applications to run in a high security mode within a trusted execution environment.

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