Olympics 2012 wins gold in Top 10 mobile searches in 2012 on Yahoo

As per Ofcom the UK has now passed Japan as the world leader in mobile web use.

16% of total web traffic in Britain is now coming from mobile devices.

Yahoo’s review of the UK Year for 2012 reveals news, social trends and fads that mobile users searched for throughout the year.

The London 2012 Olympics came out on top and was followed by iPhone 5 in second place.

The places from 3 to 10 were occupied in that order by the English Premier Leagues, Liverpool football club, Manchester United, Fifty Shades of Grey, April Jones, Euro 2012, Wimbledon and Leeds United.

iPhone 5, iPad and Kindle entered the top 10 in terms of devices used for overall search.

2012 searches were all about sports and about gadget geeks looking for the latest like iPhone 5 and iPad. Kindle also came up leaps and bounds thanks to video and full color HD screen.

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