Ofcom says 4G will reach 98% of UK

Ofcom, the broadcast regulator, despite being criticized for stifling the 4G adoption in the UK, has claimed that it is trying to make 4G available to the public.

But their proposal will only be submitted at the close of the UK spectrum auction in 2012.

The dispute between operators put 4G on hold last year. O2 and Vodafone objected to an auction because they felt only the large operators would benefit from it. Ofcom’s claims its proposal will discuss how the 4G spectrum can be auctioned to start competition between various networks. Following the government’s $192 million investment for signal boosting, Ofcom has said that the network can reach 95-98 percent of British homes.

Ofcom also said that four operators will share the network and customers can shop for the best prices. Since UK is a very competitive market the customers can shop for the best packages.

Stockholders now have 10 weeks to respond to the proposal by Ofcom.

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