O2 makes speaking gloves from old mobile phones

A new range of gloves created by artist Sean Miles can work as a fully functional mobile phone.

It is made by combining recycled parts of phones with vintage gloves from Pineider and Mui Mui.

The latest creation from Miles is named ‘Talk to the Hand’ and brings together the vintage fashion accessories with mobile devices parts recycled through O2. O2, in fact, commissioned the project.

There is a speaker unit embedded in the thumb of the glove and a microphone is built into the little finger. These accessories start working when connected to a mobile phone handset via Bluetooth. So the hands stay warm in the cold.

As per estimates from O2 Recycle there are already 70 million unused mobile handsets in the UK and 30 million new phones are sold annually.

One can receive up to £260 for recycling their devices like phones, digital cameras, handheld consoles, SatNavs and MP3 players.

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