Now use Blurb to create physical albums of your snaps shot on Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched and it is already being touted as the “iPhone” killer.

Features like gesture control and eye-based scrolling have got people talking. A new feature addition is “Story Album” through which digital photo albums can be created. This feature contains editing options for dates and captions etc.

Samsung has partnered with Blurb that will allow users to create physical photo albums by exporting their digital photos. As per Eileen Gittins, Founder & CEO, Blurb, although people love digital photos they also love photos in print media and they value well create physical artifacts. Through this feature of the S4 a perfect combination of digital and analog can be had.

With six print locations spread in three continents Blurb has already delivered 6.5 million + books to 70 countries.

The S4 meanwhile has created waves already and 150,000 Galaxy related conversions have already happened. This is within 8 hours of launch. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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