Nothing to compare between games and Tag Apps

To focus on non-game apps for their clients like Channel 4, Tag Games, a UK based game developer announced a new Tag apps division.

As per Paul Farley, MD Tag Games, this new launch has nothing to do with their games business. Mr. Farley has confirmed that the games business has doubled the revenue for the company year after year and it will always have the main focus.

Mr. Farley also explained the reason for the company’s self publishing after their launch of Astro Ranch, a blend of Animal Crossing for iPhone and FarmVille. The company wanted to observe the different emerging business models with apps stores being consolidated and the emergence of Android.

The company will again start self publishing in 2011 and add sequels to Car Jack Streets and add Astro Ranch on new platforms.

To put it shortly, Tag Apps is a complementary addition to the existing games business for Tag Games.

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