Nomophobia’s grip on humans to tighten in 2014

Nomophobia is the fear of not being mobile connected due to various reasons – signal loss, battery loss or device lost.

This is no laughing matter anymore as people now hanker for instant information all the time. With wearable devices like Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch we are no longer aware that we are connected all the time but we are.

The smartphone market grew by 44% in 2013 but the mobile internet market grew faster. The average is 90% in some countries like Australia, Denmark, Israel, South Korea and Spain.

2014 will see the rise of consumers that expect cross-device experiences and any company that is not able to provide this experience is bound to lose more and more consumers. This is as per Netbiscuits.

In the USA 80% of C-level executives believe that multi-screen is very important for their strategy while this percentage is lagging in the UK at 51%.

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