Nokia talks about operator billing at Monetising Mobile

Yatin Pahwa, Head Digital Commerce Strategy – Nokia, talked at Monetising Mobile about the company’s lessons on operator billing.

Nokia’s Ovi Store currently generates upward of 5 million downloads a day. It creates 300,000 accounts a day and 80% of the daily traffic to Ovi Store downloads something or the other. As per Mr. Pahwa, the key to this growth is operator billing. Carrier billing in Ovi Store is now available for 116 operators in 37 countries.

Mr. Pahwa used case studies from Italy and Mexico where 75% of transactions in Italy are now done through operator billing while 90% of the Mexican Ovi Store users now pay through operator billing.

Mr. Pahwa said that credit card is the first billing option in different countries and with the introduction of operator billing the key metrics of Nokia have shot up. On an average, the number of Ovi Store customers paying through operator billing is 4 to 6 times than those paying through credit cards.

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