Nokia Ovi Store now has more than 2 million downloads

Nokia’s Ovi Store is presently generating two million downloads a day and the number is rising as you read this piece.

Nokia is now preparing to shift to a 60:40 revenue structure for the developers of its Ovi Store where Nokia is planning to absorb the operator’s cut from the downloads.

During his speech at the Nokia Developer Summit, George Linardos, VP Product Media, announced this fantastic figure of 2 million. Nokia’s previous announcement about the download figures was at 1.7 million. Hence, the new number is showing an attractive upward trend.

The return traffic makes up for 85% of the daily population while 90% users are accessing the localized version of the Ovi Store. The revamped store for more than 40 devices is 80% faster, as per Mr. Linardos.

To support his announcement, it has now been revealed that TuneWiki, the music app, within three days of its release, was downloaded in 133 countries.

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