Nokia on a steady slide

It is now expected that in the next few weeks Apple and Samsung will overtake Nokia in the smartphone market, a first since Nokia ushered in the smartphone era in 1996 with the Nokia Communicator.

Reuters has also mentioned in a research note that HTC will almost match Nokia’s numbers sometime during 2012.

This is a complete turnaround as far as Nokia is concerned. Gone are the glory days of the N-Series when the company enjoyed a market share of more than 40%. When iOS and Android were launched, the N-Series was almost made to look like old school and the rest is something we all know about.

Samsung is using its Galaxy based Android based smartphones to power ahead and Apple has sold more than 200 million devices. Nokia is busy mending the flood by switching to Windows Phone, something that IDC has projected to be second most popular smartphone platform by 2015.

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