Nokia Lumia to have a poor UK market share?

Mobilesplease, the mobile phone comparison website, audited 5,377 mobile phones sold online through major UK retailers and networks.

This happened in November 2011 and their ranking puts Nokia Lumia in a distant 9th position in the country.

The figures available from Mobilesplease will not please Nokia at all. However, they should take heart from the fact that the Lumia was only launched halfway into the month. It also had to fight against the recently launched, much hyped iPhone 4S that also came with a price reduction compared to the earlier iPhone models.

In terms of ranking Samsung Galaxy S II occupies the top spot with 16.13% percent market share. It is followed by Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black at 10.24%, Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black at 5.50%, BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 at 3.79% and Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB at 3.03%. Compared to these Nokia Lumia is at ninth place with 0.17% market share.

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