No 3G hotspots in London Olympics

In the list of banned substances and weapons for London Olympics 2012 are 3G devices.

This strange ruling has presumably been imposed to ensure that visitors pay for accessing one of the Wi-Fi hotspots that BT, the Olympics sponsors, have installed around the venues for the games.

There is no point trying to sneak in a device because the warning on the site says, “There are no storage facilities available and if you surrender an item, you won’t be able to get it back.”

Tomas Mendoza, MD – Tep Wireless (offers smartphones and pocket WiFi rental services), said that organizers of the first ever Olympic Games in the digital era seemingly don’t see the value of technology and are not clear about public expectations.

People who went through lots of trouble to attend the Olympics in London expect mobile internet connectivity for sharing their experience with friends and family. But that is not to be.

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