Nexus 7 is the highest ever selling Andoid tablet in the UK

In only three months Google’s Nexus 7 has already become the all time bestselling Android tablet in the UK.

Carphone Warehouse supplied the data and it says that while the tablet has not reached the sales figures of iPad it has done better than any other Android tablet.

Graham Stapleton of Carphone Warehouse told The Telegraph that it’s impressive how Nexus 7 has become the highest selling tablet in the UK and it will be interesting to see if other manufacturers will come up with smaller tablets during Christmas.

The battle is bound to get more interesting with Amazon announcing the launch of Kindle Fire and Fire HD in the UK.

Google’s original sales target by end 2012 was three million Nexus tablets but at the moment the estimates are closer to eight million.

With more customers using tablets to watch content on the go it has become much easier for them to use smaller tablets.

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