Next 4 years will see App economy move from $72bn to $151bn

The State of the App Economy report from AppNation claims the app economy will double to around $151 billion in 2017 from $72 billion in 2013.

The largest driver of this growth will be commerce enables apps. The other big drivers, in that order, would be downloads, in-app ads and virtual goods purchases.

The data shows that the app market is growing in profit and also in usage at all age ranges and through general downloads.

60% tablet owners learn about new apps through word of mouth; 40% look at app reviews and 35% download apps that are in the download charts.

Most mobile users below the age of 45 use video apps a few times every week although game and music downloads are at much higher levels. Better broadband speeds are accelerating video downloads too.

70% users check emails on their mobile devices a few times a day. This is followed by browsers, texts, surfing and social networking.

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