New WordPress plugin for iPad

Blogs can now really play well with the iPad thanks to the new plugin from WordPress. 18 million blogs of WordPress can now access “HTML5 goodness on the backend”.

Those that used the iPad to recently visit blogs hosted on WordPress have seen the new design that helps them make the most of their iPad.

The new iPad friendly plugin from WordPress has been launched in partnership with Onswipe and as per Nick Momrik, this has made a huge difference. In his blog he has mentioned that the new plugin is app like in functionality with pure HTML5 goodness in the backend. The new plugin supports rotation, swiping and touch interations among the many features of the iPad.

Blog owners can now use their own photos as the cover of their blog to be displayed to their blog visitors. They can also check the magazine lingo and tweak skin colors and fonts to completely personalize the plugin. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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