New uWand gaming wand launched by PlayJam

PlayJam has launched a gaming wand that was developed by Philips.

It is based on its uWand techm and lets users play games by 3D gesture control and direct pointing. This new wand will be used for casual gaming on Smart TV.

PlayJam will provide the support for the uWand technology in its SDK and this wand will be used in the next generation TVs. With the TV technology going through yet another revolution, this is certainly one device to look forward to.

PlayJam has turnkey games solutions consisting of a library of social and casual gaming. The games are played through millions of connected devices.

Anthony Johnson, Commercial Director, PlayJam, has said that uWand has accurate pointing and quicker cursor navigation. It can also recognize subtle and simple 3D gestures and provides a step ahead in the way users can interact with PlayJam. There is no other cursor technology as advanced and yet as simple as uWand.

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