New roaming initiatives from Orange

All of us know how confusing and expensive it can be when we use our mobile phones in other countries.

It is hard to believe but almost 67% of Britons don’t even know what mobile phone roaming is all about.

Now Orange has come up with plans that will make roaming easy for its customers. Orange is offering texts and combined packages that include a roaming app, mobile data roaming, text alerts and roaming restrictions to its customers when they travel abroad.

The Orange Travel App is available in the Orange App Store and the Android Market and it lets customers check the availability of their data when they travel to other countries. The key European markets of Orange will see a rollout of this app throughout this year.

With more customers now on smartphones and tablets, Orange is cognizant of the risks and opportunities in the roaming context and this new app should come handy. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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