New GameFeed news ticker from OpenFeint

The GameFeed news ticker from OpenFeint will deliver real time gaming updates and heat up competition between players.

The private beta version of the drop in widget with one line of code was launched among developers today. Based on the activity of gamers in the OpenFeint network, their in-game updates will be available as streams to other gamers. The idea behind this concept is to challenge players as they see other players’ achievements and high scores.

The updates will also introduce gamers to each other, suggest friendships, highlight profile changes and recommend new games.

Jason Citron, CEO OpenFeint, believes that games should be able to connect people on different mobile operating systems no matter where they are in the world. GameFeed will connect iOS and Android gamers in ways that gaming becomes more engaging and also form strong relationships.

Owned by GREE, the Japanese social gaming giant, OpenFeint has more than 90 million registered users playing more than 5,800 games.

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