New Facebook phones soon?

There are fresh rumors about two HTC made Facebook phones that will soon be launched in the market.

As per City AM, a UK based paper, the new phones will run on a tweaked Android OS and will prominently show users their Facebook messages and news feeds on the home screen.

Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos, formerly with Firefox and Chrome respectively and now with Facebook, are supposedly behind the launch.

Facebook has always downplayed these rumors that have been on for months but Google did the same thing before launching Nexus One. Despite its popularity and being one of the most downloaded mobile apps, Facebook does have a reason to launch its own devices.

It recently revamped its messaging activity, payments and advertising and there is no reason why it should not take a more direct control over its mobile activity. A Facebook phone will allow tighter integration with all these services like Nexus One does for Google.

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