New BlackBerry flagship smartphone in 2013 – CEO promises

The BlackBerry Z10 has just come out of the production line and Thorsten Heins, CEO of RIM, has already announced the launch of a flagship device that could be released before we come to the end of this year.

Mr. Heins was speaking to CNET and he expressed great excitement about the proposed flagship device. He did mention that he cannot share the details now but he did say that the new device will take BlackBerry 10 to a completely new level altogether.

Apart from this device we could see another BlackBerry device being launched in the middle of 2013.

While coming to terms with the launch of BlackBerry Z10 (March 22) RIM is also celebrating the 100,000 milestone of the BlackBerry app store. Users can now browse and download it from the store. The firm revealed that 30,000 new apps have been added to the store catalog in a mere matter of seven weeks.

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