NEC and Private Planet and their new mobile cloud data management solution

NEC and Private Planet have created a cloud-based platform as part of their new partnership.

The platform will provide better data and device management for mobile operators and their customers.

Users on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac and Windows PC will be able to store, share and edit personal data using connected devices and the new personalized cloud-based user interface created by NEC and Private Planet.

Manuel Gallo, Director Sales & Business Development at NED Cloud Competence Center said that Private Planet is the best choice for NEC to partner with and together they will provide robust and rich solutions to those operators that are focusing on residential and personal cloud markets.

Mr. Gallo expressed belief that integrated services of Private Planet coupled with marketplace integration and cloud infrastructure of NEC will be able to provide a host of compelling service propositions for telecom operators in convergence, mobile and broadband services.

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