Near miss admitted by 44% drivers using mobiles

61% of the British drivers admitted to using their mobile phones while driving and only 20% of them own a hands-free kit.

This report comes amid heightened awareness campaigns run by the police and local councils. Labeled ‘anti-social driving’ this campaign has seen drivers claiming that their devices are being used to being harassed by their exes.

BreakerYard, a car parts company has completed a study that revealed that 44% British drivers admitted to at least one near miss and 22% of the drivers admitted that they had minor accidents.

45% had near misses with stationery objects like curbs and lampposts, 26% had near misses with other vehicles on the road, 18% had near misses with parked cars and 11% had near misses with pedestrians.

The top reasons for the near misses were calls at 41%, texts at 36%, social media at 27%, emails at 20% and music at 18%.

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