NASA’s new challenge for iPad astronaut app

NASA has partnered with TopCoder, the digital creation community to launch a new challenge.

The 460,000 members of TopCoder have been asked to produce the ISS FIT (Food Intake Tracker), an iPad app that the astronauts at the International Space Station can use.

The challenge requires participants to provide a concept to real-world deployment solution that will successfully manage the dietary intake of NASA crews during various missions and let them prevent health risks and nutrient deficiencies due to lack of calories.

The TopCoder development platform has to be used for this initiative that NASA is sponsoring via its NASA Tournament Lab (NTL).

Rob Hughes, President and COO, TopCoder, said that the company is delighted to be working with NASA and the ISS. This new challenge is sure going to appeal to a broader set of digital creators and will promote innovation.

The NASA challenge can be accessed at http://www.topcoder.com/iss/fit/.

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