Namco’s iPhone app download reaches 23 million

Namco Networks, founded in 1955, is one of the oldest game companies in the world.

Namco is now a subsidiary of Namco Bandai. Since the time Namco has established the App Store in June 2008, it has witnessed approximately 36,450 downloads every day. Till date the download count has reached 23 million and the number is increasing at a rapid rate, Namco confirms.

The company possesses 24 titles on the App Store. Namco has succeeded in outperforming its predecessors like Dig Dug, Time Crisis and Galaga. Namco has been developing new IPs for Apple devices like Solitaire: Deck of Cods, Garters and Ghouls and Isaac Newton’s Gravity. The latest releases from Namco for iPod Touch and iPhone are Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion and Pac-Man Championship.

In January 2010, Namco has launched a Facebook application that allows players to sample and buy the mobile games of Namco from the social networking site.

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