Music now being launched on SoundHound

The music discovery app SoundHound will see Secondhand Serenade launch their new title “You and I”.

The single will be on the app for the first three days before it is released for online retail and radios. These first three days will see the song prominently displayed in search results. This is a complete new for the music industry.

SoundHound is one of the newest music ID firms and is gathering some rather serious steam. Shazam, the behemoth for the sector, seems to be behind this momentum that has been generated by this app.

The difference that SoundHound offers is through its ability to discover songs when the user sings the song over the phone mic. There is no need to type in anything. The user simply has to croon a couple of lines and the song is available for download.

SoundHound also signed a global pre-installed deal with HTC last month.

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