Motorola to go to China?

As per WSJ, Google is looking to get rid of Motorola.

It has been less than a year that they acquired the company after paying $12.5 billion for it.

There were some raised eyebrows when the deal was done last year because few expected Google to plunge into the device making market. Industry experts assumed that Google would use Moto for its patents.

In any case, Google is totally tightlipped about these new speculations although Huawei has been quite open about its plans to dominate the world smartphone market. Huawei, the Chinese firm, has launched quad-core designs and has in its plans to become one of the top three OEMs within the next five years are up. Their shipments this year are going to go reach 60 million, a first time in their history.

When Google bought Moto it assured other Android vendors that there would be no preferential treatment. The concerns seemed to be over nothing.

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