Motorola surges ahead on enhanced sales figures

QII has seen Motorola ship 11 million mobile devices, up from 8.3 million a year ago.

4.4 million units of this 11 million figure goes to smartphones and 440,000 Xoom tablets have also been sold. Last year during the same time Motorola had managed to sell 2.7 million smartphones. Motorola had also sold 4.1 million smartphones and 250,000 Xoom tablets in QI of this year.

This figure has given the company enhanced net revenue of $2.4 billion in QII, 41% more than what it achieved a year ago. Motorola has now said that it will be profitable in QIV of 2011 and the profits will be enough to make it a profit making company in 2011.

Despite poor performance in Europe Droid and other Motorola devices have done well in the US. Motorola expects to sell 23 million mobiles in 2011 including high profile handsets like Droid Bionic for Verizon. However, they think tablets will sell less in QIII than QII.


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