More you browse more you fall in love

A study by On Device Research has revealed that the more subscribers browse mobile web, the more they fall in love with their mobile operators.

And this relationship has a direct bearing on the perceived quality of their mobile phone and the services that they use on the phone. For example, UK subscribers using Facebook on their phone are 10% more satisfied than those that don’t.

Other findings from the report say that the satisfaction level is increased by 22% for those UK subscribers that use mobile web daily. This satisfaction percentage is 26% for Kenya and 10% for India.

Those that indulge in mobile social networking in the UK have an enhanced satisfaction percentage of 10% in UK and Kenya and 14% in India. Kenyan mobile phone buyers are hugely influenced by those mobile phones that have games. 89% of Kenyan mobile media users consider the quality of the games they can play on their device before they buy their phone.

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