More than 50% consumers happy watching complete mobile video advertisements

Greystripe says that it ran video ads for more than 55 brands and found that more than 50% of all consumers were happy to watch the whole advertisements.

Greystripe also confirmed that the CTR is between one and three percent.

This is all very good news for Greystripe, a company that has changed ways from the games space to interstitial and video ads that, it says, perform much better than the banner ads that are found in mobile apps. Greystripe also has the Ad Boosters ad format on offer. This features deals, local content and social media integration. The growth of the firm is evident with the announcement of double headcount from 2011, hiring of nine executives and four new offices.

Kurt Hawks, VP-Ops said that the expansion will continue in 2012 where Grestripe will reach advertisers in all the major US markets and create the best mobile brand advertising.

ValueClick acquired Greystripe in April 2011 for $70 million.

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