More than 40% Brits fear social media this Christmas

Christmas parties at work often end up being embarrassing for many.

People are caught eyeing women they shouldn’t and there are too many couples found in office toilets in all sorts of compromising positions. There are enough real life stories here.

While earlier one would tell these stories and have a good laugh social media on mobiles has opened up a completely new avenue for sharing all these juicy gossips. As per, 44% British feel that they would end up the subject of such gossips come Christmas 2012. The percentage goes up to 60 for the workers in Cardiff.

47% fear they would be on YouTube and Facebook in embarrassing photos and videos and 13% feel that they would start tweeting when they are drunk. And there are those 16% that have a problem with vanity – they fear they would be seen wearing the same outfit more than once.

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