More than 100 billion ads requested now for Nexage

The differentiator for Nexage is its Nexage Revenue Platform that the company describes as an “integrated real-time bidding and mediation platform”.

Together it connects more than 125 demand sources and 200+ publishers and supports app and web on Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone and others.

Although it says it is the oldest firm that offers RTB, it was earlier reported that StrikeAd and Admeld from the UK offered something similar last year.

Advertisers are assigned a predetermined set of impressions in a tradition mobile advertisement network and they keep hoping that these impressions have the best leads. But with RTB, they can identify their target customer base and monitor traffic across multiple networks so as to be able to deliver targeted advertising in real time.

Real time bidding is rather common in the fixed web world but not so much in mobile due to issues with cookies and user identification.

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