More smartphones than feature phones now in China

The Ministry of Information and Technology (MIIT) in China has reported that smartphone shipments in the country are now more than feature phones.

China’s Sina Tech has presented a report that was quoted by MIIT where it was revealed that the last three months have seen smartphones account for 56.9% of the total phones shipped to retailers across the country.

The figure is a bit of a concern for phone manufacturers because this could mean the starting of end for feature phones. Out of the 2,099 new phone models that were introduced in China in the last six months only 822 were smartphone models. And Android accounted for 801 smartphone models, 97% approximately. This means people are opting for more numbers of smartphones from the less number of models launched.

Nikko Partners has predicted that by the end of 2012 the number of active smartphones in China will pass the 200 million number.

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