More engaging 3D mobile ads from PULSE 3D

PULSE 3D is HTML5 based and uses native device technology to maximise reach, performance and engagement.

Its capability not just includes making 3D ads but also location-based customization and incorporated interactive app-like features.

A single creation can now include expandable image galleries, gamification and videos and can be rolled out seamlessly across Android and iOS mobile devices.

PULSE 3D gives users the option to explore products like they would in stores. Mobile commerce is on a rapid upswing and creation of 3D ads in mobile devices is now a must for advertisers.

Users can choose the part of the ad they would like to explore and brands can be customized for every user. Every interaction can be monitored, thus allowing advertisers to engage with their customers in a more personal manner.

Some of the companies that have used ads created by PULSE 3D include the Weather Channel, Nokia, Expedia and BMW.


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