More beautiful content for news reading app on iPad

Flipboard, the iPad news app has announced a trial partnership with eight publishers to make their stories look better in iPad.

Mike McCue of Flipboard has talked of testing a new way of beautifying print media for the web. In short, this iPad news reading app is simply planning to look more beautiful for its readers. Mike McCue has promised terrific imagery, clean layouts and elegant typography for the selected content.

When users tap on “Read Article” for reading content from these publishers, they will be able to see a specially formatted version that will load faster and offer them a more gorgeous view of the content.

These new eight partners are All Things Digital, Lonely Planet, SFGate, Washington Post Magazine, Uncrate, SB Nation, Bon Appetit and ABC.

Flipboard has been often accused of scraping contents for its users. But this move on its part shows that it is keen to work with content publishers.

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