Monitise experiences 20 million mobile banking actions in six months

The Mobile Money Manager platform of Monitise serves more than 240 banks in the UK and the US.

These mobile banking apps are now being used at the rate of more than a million per week. These apps currently run on Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia. Work is on to enable these apps on handsets using Android, Google’s software.

Alastair Lukies, CEO, Monitise, has noted that the success of these apps showcase the fact that smartphones are changing mobile banking. People have now realized that mobile banking is simple, fast and sleek – a few taps on the keypad and that’s it.

Monitise has also gone into a joint venture for mobile banking in Asia Pacific and plans to begin in Hong Kong later this year. It has also got into a five year Global Alliance Agreement with Visa to supply its platform to the company that has more than 1.7 billion cardholders the world over.

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