Mobiles used for doing homework among US teens

Smartphones are becoming more practical by the day and it has been now revealed that more than a third of US young teens use their smartphones to do their homework.

The research group TRU conducted a new survey and revealed that the number of teens in the US using their mobile phones for doing homework is on the rise. Hispanic students (49% of those surveyed) tend to use mobile phones for this purpose than African-American (42%) or white (36%) students.

39% of 11 to 14 year-olds use their smartphones at home for schoolwork while 31% said that they use their tablets. 38% Hispanic students use tablets for doing their homework compared to 31% for white students and 30% of African-American students.

The online poll was conducted for 1,000 students and showed that the use increased from 42% for sixth graders to 57% for eighth graders, a clear indication that usage increases with age.

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